Fred Astaire's Teaching Method

With almost 70 years of experience in teaching ballroom dancing, Fred Astaire Dance Studios have the best methods of teaching, and the most up-to-date fund of ballroom dance knowledge available in the world. Inspired by Mr. Fred Astaire's superb style of dancing, our curriculum and techniques are the subject of regular study by our highly skilled dance directors and teachers. Our method of teaching is designed to help you become the best possible dancer in the shortest amount of time.

How We Teach

We use the Three-Way Method of Instruction. This consists of Private Lessons, Group Classes and Practice Parties. The Fred Astaire method of teaching is tried and true and by far the most efficient way for you to achieve your dance goals. For a full description of each type of lesson, please see below.

Private Lessons

Conducted with one of our highly trained instructors our students receive personalized attention and training in Private Lessons. This is necessary to develop skills like leading or following, timing, style and technique. You could say that Private Lessons are of an emotional nature because our students really get to feel the dance and the music while working on their skills.

Group Lessons

The Group Class is more of a mechanical type of lesson. We use Group Classes to teach our students new steps in a dance they already know, or perhaps an entirely new dance. Everyone in the group is at the same level and have similar dancing goals, so it is a great opportunity to meet other like-minded students.

Practice Parties

Our Practice Parties provide an ideal atmosphere in which to practice with teachers and other students. They are usually held weekly for current students and their guests. As you can imagine, our Practice Parties are also a social event where our students get an opportunity to have a great time with other like-minded people. Each type of lesson develops different skills and all are equally important in the process of becoming a confident social or competitive dancer. Our students find that taking advantage of all three lesson types is the fastest and most cost effective way to becoming a confident dancer.

Our Trophy System

A unique method of dance instruction that provides structure while allowing for individual goals and interests.