Competitions & Social Events

From exciting competitions to entertaining dinner dances to fun parties, dancing opens up a wonderful new world of togetherness and a thriving year-round calendar. At the Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Canton we are committed to providing a variety of events for all students to enjoy. Below are a few examples of events we offer.

Practice Parties

As the old saying goes: "Practice makes perfect". Every Friday evening we host this fun, social event where our students practice their dancing. It is a great opportunity to dance socially on a crowded floor, with instructors present to help out with any questions that might arise. It is also the perfect ending to the work week, because it is great exercise and lots of fun which makes you forget all the stress!

"Share the Experience" Parties

Are you a student with us? Do you enjoy dancing? If the answer to these questions is yes, why not share the experience of dancing with someone you know? Our "Share the Experience" Parties are the perfect opportunity to show your friends, neighbors or coworkers how much fun dancing is. You, and your guests, will be able to enjoy an hour of dancing and a professional demonstration, and as you can imagine it is a fantastic way for your guests to be introduced to the world of dancing.

Dinner Dances

When you know how to dance, you will want to use it! Our students are always looking for places to go dancing. Whether it is weddings, cruises or dinner dances, an open floor is a wonderful opportunity to have fun! Fred Astaire Dance Studios offer lots of events both in the studios and at larger venues, where our students can enjoy themselves.


Some of our students LOVE competing while others would never dream of doing it, so competing certainly isn't for everyone. However, when all is said and done they are a great tool to accelerate the speed of learning while having a fabulous time. It’s simple really. If you take a week-end out of your normal life and spend it dancing, you simply cannot avoid becoming a better dancer!

Our competitions are also a great way to meet fellow dancers and build lasting friendships by sharing the excitement and energy of the competition experience. As a spectator, you’ll witness all levels of dancing, from beginners through to the professionals. Competitions are a true source of inspiration, which will leave a lasting impression!